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Internet Wireless

Internet wireless (also called mobile Internet, wireless Internet, or wireless web) refers to a method of connecting to the Internet or World Wide Web using a wireless device like a Pocket PC, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), or mobile phone. As its name implies, Internet wireless doesn't make use of cables or wires to establish a connection to the World Wide Web.

The mobility that Internet wireless connections offer is its prime selling point. Through Internet wireless, users are able to check their mails, do mobile banking, and engage in instant messaging with their contacts, wherever they may be. Basically, Internet wireless offers the double convenience of the availability of Internet services and information, and the mobility in acquiring these services. Internet wireless services also cater to a wide market range. They are not just ideal for jetsetters and corporate individuals who conduct business all over the globe. Internet wireless is also widely used by young people, students and yuppies who like communicating with friends via e-mail, multimedia message sending, and instant messaging.

Internet wireless was first introduced with a lot of hype surrounding it; we're no longer confined to our homes and Internet cafes just to be able to connect to the World Wide Web. However, as time progressed and more people started using Internet wireless, some found the services unsatisfactory. One of the common complaints is that a lot of websites are not compatible for display on small wireless devices like cellphones, which makes viewing sites a bit of a hassle. Another con in Internet wireless services is that Internet wireless providers charge relatively high fees, which immediately discourages a lot of users from using Internet wireless services.

Most Internet wireless devices (PDA's, cellphones, etc.) use WAP to connect to the world wide web. WAP, or Wireless Application Protocol, is a standard application developed mainly to enable Internet access from mobile devices. WAP browsers in Internet wireless devices are designed to provide the basic services that a computer-based Internet browser provides, albeit simplified and modified to make the contents fit for display on small-screened devices.

Although there are a number of cited downsides to using Internet wireless services, a significant number of people still use them to avail of the most basic Internet services like e-mail, instant messaging, as well as music downloads. A more recent and popular Internet wireless connection is Wi-Fi, a wireless technology commonly used on PDAs and laptops that establishes local area networks via a wireless router. Like WAP, Wi-Fi also doesn't use wires and cables to establish Internet wireless connections. While WAP Internet wireless connections are provided by mobile companies, Wi-Fi requires sufficient proximity to a "hotspot" (an area that is within range of the wireless router) to be able to connect to the Internet.

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